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See What’s So, Do What Works

On our healing journey, we will come across many practices; some which may help, and some which don’t work as well. It is simply a practice within and of itself to consciously notice, and determine, what practices help you the most. Those practices which bring deep healing, and those which may be better left to the side.

Looking at the differing practices we can do with the three aspects of our being, our mind, body and soul, we will have a whole collection of healing therapies and practices that we can try. And in seeing what works, and what does not can help you move forward into the future with a greater sense of those practices which will ultimately help you to heal.

You may find that slow and gentle exercise help you, or you may find that more intensive training will help you. You may find that feeling through your emotions help you, or you may find that more intellectual practices help, like positive thinking and affirmations.

You may find that different practices help you at different times, such as music therapy or art therapy, and at other times, these may not be beneficial for your healing.

It is always good to notice what is helping, and when it is helping, and what is most beneficial to help in your healing journey.

It is simply a conscious practice of noticing what’s so: where you are in terms of your healing, and what works the best for where you are in your healing journey.

Take note of where you are, and find those practices which bring about the most gentle, and deeply healing states of being.

A good idea is also to write down the practices you are doing each day, or every week, and stay with those that are most beneficial, and most helpful, and those practices that bring about healing, and to notice the difference between the gentle healing and those practices which may be too much for you at the time.

You can always change your practices to suit how you are healing, and doing something that works for you can always change, so be aware o what practices you are doing and go easy on yourself.

It is best to be gentle, and supportive of your healing, rather than doing anything strenuous to heal.

Make it a point to write a list of the practices that you find help you the most, and continue with those. Make it a point to see what’s so, and where you are on your healing journey, and do what works given the situation.

Be gentle, and be good to yourself while you are healing.

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