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Seeing The Perfection

There are many ways we can view life. We can take any perspective we wish. We can view life in so many different ways, and as we evolve, we move closer to the truth of what life is. We come to being more in a state of conscious love and freedom, we feel more joy, and this is because we are moving closer to truth.

Once we have been through the challenge of life, we come into the beauty of its true nature, and this comes as we move higher in our evolution towards Godhead, or God consciousness.

On the path to God consciousness, we will see the truths of life start to come into our awareness. These may be great epiphanies we have, or simply moments of deep knowing, or realisations and suddenly being aware of something we were not aware of before.

One of these truths of life is being able to know that everything is perfect. We come to understand this because we see the design, we see the matrix of life, and we understand that God, or Life, created life perfectly.

Being able to see the perfection in life comes from knowing deep within that the whole creation is perfect. God created perfection in everything, and all of life represents that.

This can be a different view than maybe what a lot of people think about life, that it is a challenge, it is hard, it is not perfect at all. We may have been led to believe that life is random, that it is meaningless, or that it is simply dysfunctional, that life is inherently imperfect in design.

This is the illusion playing with us. When we come to truth, we see that incredibly complex and inherently perfect design is interwoven into everything.

We see that there are no coincidences, there are no random events, there is nothing that happens by chance. It is all perfectly constructed and perfectly plays itself out in the process of life itself.

Considering that we know this truth, we can see the perfection in life. The beginning of knowing this truth, is seeing the perfection in life. It is looking for it, and then seeing that it is there. In this, you know that it is true, that it is there, that life is inherently perfect.

The entire construct is so infintismally complex in design, the utter perfection of the entire construction of the universe is beyond human comprehension, though understanding this can help you to see the perfection everywhere.

Your life is not a mistake. It is not happening by random chance, and there is nothing that has happened to you that has not been for a reason.

There is perfection in the design.

If you look at a snowflake, you can see this inherent perfection. The absolute symmetry, the absolute beauty, the absolute perfection of a snowflake can lend itself to seeing the perfection in other things, and in other places.

This absolute symmetry, beauty and perfection is interwoven into the fabric of the universe. From the tiniest particle to the largest body, it is completely and utterly how the universe is made, and how it functions.

Seeing this perfection in your life can be life changing.

Being able to see the events and circumstances in your life as perfect will help you see that the truth of these events are all created by you. Knowing this, we come to see the perfection in our life. This can be deeply humbling, to know this. We have created all of it, and so, we are the designer of our life. No moment is random or by chance, because we have created it.

Being able to see the perfection is a great practice, too. It can bring us back to that symmetry and beauty, and knowing that our entire lives are perfect by design.

Use this practice when you are meditating, or when you are walking, or when you are doing the dishes, or when you are sitting in nature. It will help you to move closer to the truth of life, within. It will bring you to knowing that all is well in life, that everything happens for a reason, and that you are here, not by random chance or by some meaningless event, but that you are here on purpose, that there is a reason to your life, and a reason for you being here. Use this practice to bring you to seeing the inherent perfection in the universe and in spirit.

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