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Self Worth

When we love ourselves, we give ourselves worth, and by simply being, we enjoy life, as it is.

The journey towards self worth and loving yourself comes when you have had enough of the drama and challenge in life. When you choose to love yourself, you are choosing to see yourself as worthy.

Building self worth comes in stages, and will naturally progress over time if you are keeping yourself in a place of importance in your life. Seeing your own worth comes as you choose to see yourself as valuable and important, and this can mean making a stand for who you are. Proclaiming your worth can be very liberating, and can be done when you are ready to say that you are an important part of life, just as important as everyone else.

People with mental illness usually have poor self worth. They may have been through experiences in their life that cast a negative view of who they are. This can lead to behaviour that is self destructive or simply negative and hurtful. When the times comes for that moment that you see yourself as worthy of love, and worthy of being loved, if only by yourself, you then make that first step towards the journey of self worth.

Making those first steps are just as important as continuing to make those steps, no matter how long you have been travelling the path of self worth and self love. To continue to choose your worth in the things you do each day, and with the people you spend your time with is vitally important to keep on moving forward.

Seeing your own worth means touching upon the deepest innermost part of yourself, your soul, and seeing that because you are a part of Life, you are incredibly worthy and loved. If you believe in God, then you can see that because you are Life itself, which is what God is, Life itself, that you are inherently worthy. This is because you are. You are what Life is, and that makes you worthy of love.

Choosing to love yourself may come before you choose to love other people, and that’s okay. Just make sure you are being mindful of other people, because they are important too, and they are worthy of love too. When you come to the point where you see that, then you can begin loving other people, just as you love yourself.

There are practices you can do to help you understand self worth and self love. One of these is to look after a plant. This is an easy way to cultivate an understanding of caring for something. You need to water the plant, give it sunlight each day, and make sure it is healthy and striving, and doing this can teach you a lot about self care and self love.

If you want to move to the next level, then consider taking care of an animal. They will require more attention than a plant, though this comes with more reward also. You will need to make sure they are fed, they are happy and comfortable around you and other people and animals, and that they have a good environment in which they live. There are also different kinds of animals that require different kinds of love; taking care of a cat is much different than taking care of a dog. So if you are wanting to have that kind of companionship in your life, you may want to consider getting a pet. This can also help you with self love and self worth. Because if you are on the healing journey, an animal can help you to understand intimacy and connection, companionship and what it means to take care of another being.

Self worth can also be a daily practice that you do. You may listen to music that helps you feel your emotions, or helps you relax, or helps you express yourself creatively. It could mean going for a walk along the beach, or through a forest. Or it can mean taking time to be in the company of family and friends.

Being able to see yourself as worthy will help you to understand the worth of other people, too. And when you see this you can truly love them and treat them well. And this will make your relationships in life easier and more meaningful. This means that you are thoughtful, kind, generous, loving and caring. This means that because you see your own worth, you are mindful of the worth of those other people in your life, and you let them know that with the things that you do.

Choosing to see yourself as worthy, and loving yourself because you are worthy will open up new worlds for you to discover, and can be the very thing you need to move forward in your healing. And to choose the goodness of life because you know that you deserve it and that, because you are Life itself, you are inherently worthy of love.

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