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The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is something that has a way of helping you on so many levels, although there is the oft understood process that we can go through which looks like: not wanting to do it at the beginning, and so glad you did it at the end.

It is progressing through the beginning process that you either have trouble with, or perhaps you don’t exercise at all.

If you don’t exercise at all, give some thought to starting, such as a simple 20 minute walk. If you need to break down the steps to give yourself some momentum, such as

Step 1. Put on shoes

Step 2. Walk out the door

Step three 3. Walk for twenty minutes while enjoying the walk

Bringing mindfulness to your walking will enhance your reasons for going for a walk each day. Enjoying the beauty of nature, the scenery of your walking.

Or you may have a goal in mind, like going to get a cup of coffee. Something that gets you going.

I’ve found having an accountability partner to be what helped me most to start daily walking, and it may be an idea to ask a friend or family member if they want to begin a long-term daily walking routine with you.

20 minutes of exercise is all you need, and walking is the easiest way, though if you want to achieve more with your exercise goals, I highly suggest you buy a book called ‘How To Eat, Move, And Be Healthy,’ by Paul Chek (you can get it online). This book has given me the greatest wisdom in terms of diet and exercise, and I can only thank Paul Chek for really bringing that wisdom into such an accessibly written book.

Even standing for long periods will help you to gain strength. If you have trouble walking, simply try standing for 15-30 minutes. Set a timer, and see how long you can stand in one spot for.

The benefits of exercise will present themselves once you have started a routine, give yourself about two weeks of daily exercise so you can notice the changes.

And remember, exercise can be fun and enlightening, and it can bring to you great benefit not only in your body, but in your mind and spirit too!

Happy walking!

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