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The Choice Between Love and Fear

Love and fear are the prime duality. It is the choice over which we have no choice, though we do get to choose between love and fear. This is always happening in our lives, it is the primal choice over which we have a choice.

This means that we are always choosing between love and fear, in all moments.

This choice determines our entire lives, and will be the choice we make in every moment.

Let’s look at each choice!

Fear is that which is the opposite of love. It is the exact opposite of love itself. God created fear as a choice we can make in our experience, so we can experience love. We needed something other than love to know what love is. And this is what we call fear.

Fear can be seen as False Evidence Appearing Real. This acronym can help us to see that fear is the illusion. Fear is that which was created in order for us to know and experience love in all its glory. This is one part of the prime duality. It is not real in the sense that it is something that was created to give us a reference point in our lives, so we may know and experience love.

We may go through fear, and we may have to go through a lot of fear before we realise that love is the truth. Fear is an important part of life. It is something that teaches us how to love, in a sense. It is something that was formulated as part of the grand plan of spirit coming into the physical realm to experience life.

If we did not have fear, we would not be able to know and experience love.

This choice between love and fear can take us time to understand. Knowing love is being able to know and understand our fear. The two go hand in hand. Because they are primal opposites, we must know our fear so we can know our love.

Though this is also a choice we can make at any time.

Choosing love comes from knowing our fear, embracing it, and accepting it, and then letting it be.

We cannot change that the choice we have is between love and fear, though we do get to choose.

Knowing our love and knowing our fear go hand in hand.

Once we have been to the depth of our fear, we can then turn to the depth of our love, and this comes with a wisdom and a grace that of which can only be present with the deep understanding of this primal choice.

Love is that which is joy. Love is that which is truth. Truth, love and joy are all interchangeable concepts and ideas, and can help us understand what love is.

Seeing this, and understanding it, will come from the deeper understanding of what life is.

Life is love! God is love. God and Life are also interchangeable concepts. And when we see that the truth is love, then we can see that God and Life are also love itself.

If reading this makes you feel happy right now, then that is because you are feeling joy at the truth of these words, and this may help you to understand the connection between truth, love and joy.

Love is the truth. And love is the feeling of complete joy.

As white is the inclusion of all colour, so too is love the inclusion of all emotion.

Thus, it is when we have come to hold and understand our emotions, and to be able to have experienced every one, we can then know love, this is because it is a choice we will make, quite rationally, based upon our understanding of life.

There is great depth and complexity to what I am saying here, and it may take some time before you are at the place where you are experiencing love as a constant choice and state of being, though it is this aspect of life that we are in where we are evolving and coming to know love.

There is a reason that we have a choice between love and fear, and this is so we may know and experience love in our lives. It may simply take us some time to get to that point of constant love, and this is because we know it is a choice; it is something that will be understood at the deepest human level to be that which is the natural and life-affirming choice to make, and this will see us making this choice because it aligns with our truth.

Choosing love is being able to know your truth, and to be happy because of that.

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