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The Five Most Important Emotions For Healing

Updated: May 24, 2020

The Five Emotions

Emotions are a vital aspect of health and illness. We have two modes of what we can do with an emotion, and that is expression, and repression. We may have been taught in our younger years, that to express an motion is a healthy part of being human, or that repressing an emotion is what you must do with them. Given the circumstance, and the message we have received in terms of our emotions in growing up, we may have been told to express certain emotions, and repress others. We have five emotions; they are Love, Grief, Envy, Anger and Fear. These five emotions can be fully expressed in an individual, and having your emotions fully expressed leads towards a great healthiness energetically, and even on a physical level. Just as the emotions are an aspect of the body, we can find that fully expressing all our emotions can lead to physical health, and when the body and the emotions are healthy and expressed, we will see that our mental health improves too. When we repress our emotions, they become “stuck” in our system, in our body, and our body then represents that. We may have been taught through our younger years that to repress an emotion is the right way to deal with them, though we are now aware that to master the emotions, and to be able to feel through them, is what brings the healthiness to our emotional realm. In repressing our emotions, we will have to constantly deal with them, though in expressing and feeling through them, we will have them gone from our system permanently; feeling through your emotions will have them gone permanently.

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Emotional Practice

And the practice here is easy: All you need to do is to sit or lay down, and feel through your emotions. Though you must be ready. If you feel you are ready for this kind of challenge, then I suggest you make sure that you have at least 6-8 months of time that you can spend with yourself in a stable housing environment, and also a stable inner space that you can use to be able to ride the ups and downs of this kind of emotional healing and release. If you feel you are ready for a challenging, yet deeply healing ride, this is the way to do it. Make sure also that you have a community around you of supporters, and you can also tell your closest friends and loved ones that you are feeling through your emotions and to give you a bit of space, and some tenderness, some TLC, and remember that it can always be great to have someone that you can contact if you need to talk to someone urgently if you feel that feeling through a certain emotional state becomes too much. Now, having all that been said, if you do feel that you are ready to feel through your emotions, all you need to do is to sit or lay down, and feel. Remember that you can feel through your emotions successfully, and that it is always best to feel through an emotion until you feel it has been released, and to then go on about your day, but really make sure that you have fully felt through a layer of emotion before you continue your day. You can most quickly understand the expression process by observing it as you feel through your emotions. Becoming a master of your emotions is really being able to master the expression of them, and as I said before; once you feel through an emotion it is released from your system and will be gone. It can also be a great idea to set up some counselling along the way of your emotional healing journey. Sometimes there are emotions that can be very challenging, and very complex to deal with and to express, and it can be great to have people there to support you with this. I’m not putting this emotional healing journey lightly. It is either something you will want to do, or not. You must go at your own pace, and feel through each layer of emotion, and yes, it can take years of healing before you feel you are fully released and expressed as an individual. There are immense benefits to this, and it can be a great healing you can do, though you must be ready for the challenge. Even taking it lightly, maybe simply giving some more mindfulness to your emotions can bring in some more gentle expression. And maybe that is enough for you, to take it gently, and to feel through your emotions as they arise. And to always remember that when you are feeling through an emotion, that you can get through it. The five emotions can also ave their repressed counterparts, and I’ve noticed that people with mental illness usually have their emotions so repressed, and that is why they can’t function on societal terms. The five repressed emotions are: Love (possessiveness), Grief (depression), Envy (jealousy), Anger (rage), Fear (panic). When you are going within to feel through an emotion, it can be good to see if they are these repressed counterparts of the natural emotion. This is where the challenge is really; if your emotions are so repressed that they are more like the repressed counterparts here, that is where you will want to feel through your emotions fully until they are released. Given that you may have a mental illness, it is a great idea to take some time and see how repressed your emotions are. Having your emotions expressed will lead to mental wholeness, and releasing your emotions will give you a true measure of equilibrium within. Sometimes emotions can come up, and when they do, make sure you have some space to express them. Do not judge yourself for having emotions, and remember, it is okay, they are simply aspects of energy; emotion literally translates to “energy in motion.” It is very okay to have emotions, and it is the expression of your emotions that will have you heal and become whole. Remember, you can count the five emotions on your hand (from the thumb) Love, Grief, Envy, Anger, and Fear. And remember, have people you can talk to who are supportive of your emotional healing journey, and seek people who can help you express the more challenging emotions, and know that you are safe, and each time you express your emotions the more whole you are, energetically. Take some time, and be mindful of your emotions, they cannot hurt you at all, though they may be the reason why you are feeling hurt, and express that, let it be, let it go, let it out; express it, in a gentle and stable manner, let it out, let it go. And give yourself a lot of credence for being able to express your emotions. The more you do, the more you will feel whole.

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