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The Healing Power of Art and Music Therapy

Art and music therapy are great ways to express the parts of ourselves that we cannot put words to, or maybe we cannot express a particular emotion in the moment, but it can be brought to the surface and expressed through art and music.

There are deeper energies that we can have in our system, and by system I mean our body-mind and our emotions, that when we are able to put that brush to the canvas, or maybe pick up that guitar and start strumming, we can express. These deeper energies can be expressed through this movement of energy, and when it is placed through intention as a therapeutic practice we can start to see the healing take place.

Catharsis can be a part of this, to express those deeper energies that we have within us. And it does not need to mean anything in the moment, it can simply be a way to express yourself, to get those energies moving.

And it can be a way to actually get to those deeper energies. Sometimes we don’t want to talk about what’s going on, and art and music therapy can be great ways to work through what is within.

Sometimes it can be like going for a walk, there is a definite meditative benefit to art and music therapy that can help us, and it is in the expressive nature of these therapies that we can be mindful of how we are feeling, and where we are emotionally and mentally. There is also so much room for expression within these two therapies, we can play our instrument loud and fast as if nothing matters, and we can paint and draw anything we want to express ourselves, it really is a great beneficial practice to have these two therapies within our grasp.

You may want to make a space in your house that is suited to these purposes; put the guitar in an easy to access area, or maybe make space at the table for the paint and brush, make it an easily accessible place that you can have the two therapies within reach, it will make it much easier next time you feel that you want to use these two therapeutic approaches to assist in your creativity and expressive healing.

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