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The Spectrum of Being

I’ve realised, through my healing process, that we are a spectrum of being. We are body, mind and spirit, and there are practices we can do to become more whole. This means that the spectrum becomes more integrated within itself. Meaning that your body, mind and spirit will start to become more whole unto itself the more you heal.

This spectrum can be healed through simply feeling. Feeling the body, feeling the emotions, which are held within the body, and feeling our chakras, which are our energy body, can all help to move towards wholeness.

Observing the mind and challenging our thinking can also help. I think it is actually a good idea to look at our most deeply held beliefs, and to challenge them in the light of truth, and see if they are helping or hindering us. We can also look after the mind. We can read books, or do journalling, or maybe we can play music, listen to music, or do some art, like painting or drawing. We can help the body by going for daily walks, or dancing to our favourite music.

We can also find practitioners who can help us on any level of our being; mind, body, and spirit. We can see a counsellor, psychologist, or psychotherapist to help us work through our trauma and past experiences and help us to integrate our body, emotions, and mind. We can see a chiropractor, or acupuncturist, or get a massage to help our body and energy system. We can get reiki and energy healing to help our spirit. And we can do other things, like seeing a naturopath, or a kinesiologist, or maybe doing life coaching. The list of therapies is almost endless. And it’s a good idea to incorporate help from many practices in your healing journey. All these things can help us to process and integrate and become more whole.

As our spectrum of being starts to integrate, we will feel better. If you can understand that this spectrum of being is all the same energy, then you can see that it is all inter-related. Your body, mind, emotions, and chakras are all part of the same energy field that is ‘you’.

All that comprises you is based upon your spirit, emotions, mind and body. This will directly relate to how you feel each day, and what you are capable of doing with your life. Being healthy in any area means being healthy in all areas.

Look to see what you eat, and what you put into your body. Look to see what you consume for the mind, such as television, reading, or social media. And look to see how you relate to those different aspects of your life.

Healing the chakras will heal the body and mind. Healing and releasing and expressing the emotions will also heal the body and mind. Healing the mind through therapy will in turn heal the body. And exercising and healing the body will help the mind and spirit. It is all inter-connected.

Your path to healing begins with any aspect of who you are; whether that is mind, body, spirit or emotions. And all paths lead to the same inner healing.

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