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Thinking And Feeling

There are two different variables in personality that I would like to talk about.

There are many, many differences between people, and there are also many, many similarities between people. The two that I’d like to focus on in this post is the difference between Thinking and Feeling.

You may be familiar with Myers-Briggs Typology, or Personality Indicator. This is based upon that understanding.

Thinking types can feel more comfortable, confidant, and able in their thinking. And to be able to move forward they may want to use practices such as positive thinking, setting daily goals, being active, and giving themselves time to think about things.

Feeling types will be more comfortable in their feelings and emotions, and more able to use emotional expression to heal. These types of people may want to be more in practices that entertain emotion, such as art therapy, or animal therapy. They will be naturally guided by how they feel about things, and using their emotions to heal themselves will come more easily.

The difference between Thinking and Feeling types is how they approach their experience. Thinking types will be more in the mode of approaching their current experience through thought, which may include; calculation, distance in space and time, analysis, and goal orientation. Whereas Feeling types will be more guided by how they feel in regards to experiences. They will be in the mode of approaching their experience through intuition, feelings, instinct and vibe.

Of course everyone has differing variation in their typology. Some may be more in a Thinking state than a Feeling state, and some may be more in Feeling than Thinking, while others will have a balanced combination of both. Throughout the spectrum of Thinking and Feeling you will be able to see where you approach your present moment experiences. We all have both Thinking and Feeling, it is simply a matter of finding what works best for you in your healing journey.

This is an awareness exercise here, to see where you are more suited to approaching your experience. If you are more in Thinking, you may want to try and find practices that align with thought; positive thinking, goal setting, mindfulness, exercise, math and literature, philosophy…

If you are more in the Feeling type, then see if practices such as art therapy, dance and music, emotional release, animal therapy, and relaxation exercises will help you in moving forward.

Maybe you use a combination of practices from each type, considering we are all part Thinking and part Feeling.

There are many therapies in the world that are aligned with both Thinking and Feeling, using both will help you to stay balanced in your recovery, though some therapies will be more convenient for people depending on whether they are thought based or feeling based.

The call here is to see which mode you are in most of the time, and adapt to that with changes that can help you to move forward and heal most appropriately given which type you are most drawn to.

Giving yourself an advantage in terms of your healing will bring great results, and using practices that are more aligned with who you are and how you interact with the world can further your healing. You may find that a certain practice helps you more than another, given your type. Give this some thought, and then see what you can do to bring something into your daily and weekly practices that will help to soothe and heal you, and bring about more vibrance and vitality in your life.

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