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Welcoming Your Psychic Senses

There is a sixth sense that we all have. It is the part of us that is psychic.

What does it mean to be psychic?

Well, there are five modes of psychic sensing, these are;

Clairvoyance: seeing and visions

Clairgustance: taste and smell

Clairsentience: feeling

Claircognizance: knowing

Clairaudience: hearing and sound

These five psychic senses match up with our five physical senses.

It is a great idea to see which one of these five you are most inclined to have a psychic sense about. You may have more than one of these abilities, and you may even have all of these senses at your awareness.

Being able to see, hear, feel, know, and taste and smell on a psychic level will have you with the impression of something that is above physical reality. There are realms that we can be aware of, such as the astral realm, the spirit realm, the etheric realm, and so on. We may be aware of these with our psychic senses; we may see something that appears to be in our imagination. Or, we may hear something such as music, or a voice, that appears to have its own silence to it, something we are picking up with our psychic sense of hearing.

We may smell or taste something which is not physically near us, we may have a smell of something aromatic that seems to be coming from afar. Or, we may have a knowing of something, an intuitive understanding of something that will happen or occur.

We can even have feelings, such as the feeling of someone holding our hand, or brushing our hair. All these psychic senses are open to us as humans. Everyone has a sixth sense, though there are few who are able to truly tap into these abilities.

We have psychics in our community, some who do work for us, and we also have people who have been through trauma, who also have psychic abilities. Many people with mental illness have opened themselves enough to share this psychic foundation. The difference between the practicing psychic and the person with mental illness, is simply because of trauma, or unhealthy actions that have caused us to become unwell.

All you need to do is to address your brokenness, all the while you can still use your psychic abilities!

It is great to be curious about the psychic part of us. Our curiosity and genuine interest in exploring these aspects of who we are will help us to understand them.

Once you can understand what is a psychic ability, and what is psychosis, you will be able to define that part of yourself, and comprehend it in a way that is easy for you to handle.

It can be interesting to see fairies, or spirits, or to have a smell come to you, or to have a vision of something, or an inner knowing of something. Simply be curious, and be able to see where your ability is coming from. It can be a great help to have that clarity around your psychic senses, and to be able to know when something is happening for you in terms of one of the five psychic senses.

Be curious, and be attentive to these five avenues of psychic sensing.

All the while, you can continue healing yourself. Though be calm in knowing that these five psychic senses will always be with you.

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