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How Emotions Work

I talk a lot about emotional healing. I believe it is one of the main aspects of healing mental illness, and here’s why this is: emotions that are repressed are stored in the body. Repressed emotion that is stored in the body creates confusion in the mind. As the mind is in every cell of the body, and as the emotion that is repressed is stored within the body, the mind will be affected by it also.

The way to access your emotions is to be present to the body, and what you are feeling. The way to healing comes from feeling through your emotions, which are directly linked to the feelings of the body.

There is much research and evidence of this already in the world. Healing through repressed emotions, and healing through trauma will clear the mind, and also give the body more expansiveness. It may not be an easy path, though the more you can get comfortable with expressing emotion, the easier it is to move through your emotional healing.

The direct access to this healing comes from being present with the body. This is what great therapists do, they help you be present to the body, and what the body is feeling, and they help you feel through the emotions into wholeness.

You do not need a therapist to do this work, though it can greatly help. Always make sure you have support in your healing.

The more you clear yourself of your repressed emotions, the greater you will feel in your body, and your mind will be more at ease. I’ve noticed in my own healing that when I move and express and push out a layer of repressed emotion, my mind instantly integrates. This is something to be aware of when you release an amount of emotion, to take note of how the mind integrates, as it can give you more incentive to go through the emotional healing.

The science of this practice is to understand that the mind is in every cell of the body. As the body expressed and pushes out the emotion, it will heal the mind quite quickly. It may take a lot of feeling through to get to a state where your mind is free, though it is worth it, and a part of the path towards healing and becoming whole.

If you need help with this part of the healing process please feel free to contact me through the website, or be willing to find a psychotherapist that you can work with. This is not something that should be done on your own, you will need the support of your community to do this work, and a big part of healing the emotions is opening up to the people in your life and resolving relationships, and seeing resolution in the process.

As you heal your emotions, you will feel more yourself, more alive, and more healthy. And as you heal your emotions, so too will other aspects of your life become healthy.

I hope this helps and gives you an understanding of how the emotions work through the mind and body.

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