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Thanks for taking the time to journey with Healing With Oneness. Our journey begins today.

Our mission here is to inspire and promote caring support, considered solutions and complementary strategies to some of the most critical issues we face with the phenomena of mental illness.

Like any illness, mental illness requires support and solutions. Transcending the label, we can see that there is much we can do to heal and move towards wholeness and lead a prosperous life.

We must note here, that the way we are using the word 'heal' here is: "the cause to become sound or healthy again."

This is not professional advice given on this website, though it is advice given after years of experience.

We are here to help, and also to explore, and discover what works with healing mental illness.

Schizophrenia, bipolar and many other conditions benefit from medication and appropriate medical care, but this does not define or limit us. While most treatment has been pharmaceutically managed, and mental illness is a complex condition that I believe can benefit from a complimentary approach, which can possibly make some profound shifts for you, we are here primarily to explore what mental illness means to us. What is the truth of mental illness beyond the label?

If you feel it’s time to step out from the shadow of mental illness, consider exploring other complimentary approaches so you can shine with your unique potential and gifts, we welcome you here to explore further.

Join the conversation.

Start by joining our community, get involved in the conversation on our forum on this website, social media channels, and look at the free information that will be arriving weekly.

We are pleased to have you with us.

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