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A spiritual solution to healing and understanding mental illness

The past 10 years have been challenging and pushed me to the depth of my emotions, though out of that came deep healing. Through the healing came deeper relationships with my family and friends, and also movement towards my life purpose.

We have a gift to share with the world, one in which we can become our greatest selves. What I do is to help those who have been through schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, bi-polar, anxiety and depression and psychosis, and help them to seek a pathway they can follow, to guide them towards wholeness, and fulfilling their life purpose.

Gathering from more than 10 years of personal and inner experience on how to heal mental illness, and how to integrate one's self into empowerment, I have found the most effective and deeply healing practices that helped me transform into a healthy human being. I am not a professional, everything I have done has come from experience. I learnt a lot along the 20 year journey from being a drug addicted schizophrenic, with depression, anxiety, OCD, multiple psychotic episodes, schizo-affective disorder, ADD and PTSD, and have found a path that not only helped me to heal, but brought me towards where I am today, which is the person I always envisioned myself to be in the grandest version of who I am.

This is not a better way to heal mental illness, this is simply another way.

If you are interested in exploring this, join me in conversation about what mental illness is, and how we can help each other move forward into the life of our dreams.

Exploring Wholeness with Like Minded People

Spirituality is where science and religion meet.

This way of looking at mental health issues includes both the scientific and the religious, forming what we see as a spiritual solution.

Taking what we know of our understanding of biology, medicine, supplementation, lifestyle habits and how our body works and mixing those with our understanding of our connection with God, our choices, our beliefs, our relationships, and perception of the other-worldly, we can come to a holistic view of our approach to what we consider as mental illness.

Spirituality is where we connect the body and mind, and thus discover our soul, and healing ourselves on all three levels of Body, Mind and Spirit create the deepest healing so we may move towards wholeness.


Walking on Pink Water
Sat on the Rocks

Shine Your Light and Find Your Identity

In the past we've had a view of mental illness that is not complete. The approach I am using is to complete our view of mental illness, including all the aspects that are in our lives, as a guide to the truth of how this phenomenon works.

Including practices that look at all three aspects of our being: Body, Mind and Spirit, we can come to a deeper and more full picture, and practice, in how we treat and manage who we are at these three fundamental levels.

To become whole you must first heal your self at the deepest level, doing this will give you everything you need to accomplish your dreams.


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