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Do you want to move from the psychotic state, to the psychic state, then to the mystic state?

These are the three levels of maturity for those who experience themselves as a bridge between worlds.

These are the three stages at which you will find yourself in terms of your true sensitivity and innate gift as a sensitive.


Are you seeking help with understanding your gift?

Do you want to know how to heal and become whole and healthy?

I offer personalised guidance for those who are wanting to know more about how they can move forward with their healing journey, and their knowledge about how to navigate the otherworldly.

I'm not a professional therapist or psychiatrist. I work in conjunction with your current supports. Please think of me as a guide or a coach, who will help you achieve your goals in life and specifically your natural sensitivity and innate gifts as someone who experiences mental illness.

Through working together we can support and assist you in moving from the psychotic state, to the psychic state, and towards the state of the mystic. The path towards becoming whole and healed begins when you choose to take that first step.

I will help you to take those first steps towards healing, and also changing your life so you can fulfill your dreams.

Working with me can be a journey towards wholeness, or simply to touch base and get you to the next level.

I have two session packages:

8 weeks meeting once every two weeks at $945 

12 weeks meeting once every two weeks at $1,415


Or if you prefer we can meet any time you are prepared to have a session.

All sessions are $119 AUD for 80 minutes and are conducted through Skype, including email or phone support any time. We can also create a payment plan if you want.

If you would like to begin receiving guidance

Contact me.

Click here if you would like to view the coaching packages.

I look forward to journeying with you!

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