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We are a three-part being, consisting of body, mind and spirit. Just as we can take care of the body, and give it what it needs to thrive and grow, to heal and assist us in having good life experiences, we can also give the mind what it requires to thrive and develop, to grow and maintain a healthy state.

The mind is in every cell of the body, it is the driving force that makes our body do what we ask of it. To take care of our mind, we will want to address ourselves on that level. The mind is an amazing aspect of our three-part being, and there are practices we can do to help us to heal and move towards more wholeness within.

If we take a look at our mind, we can quite quickly integrate it through practices that serve this aspect of ourselves. Moving from taking care of the body, to taking care of the mind, we will want to continue taking care of the body, and doing those practices that help the body, and then including the practices that help heal the mind.

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To Heal Through, You Must Feel Through


Energy in Motion

Our emotions are an apsect of our physical being. Emotion literally means “energy in motion.” It is when we are taught to repress our emotions that we come into trouble and can become mentally ill. The more we repress our emotions the more likely we are to become ill. It may take many months and years to actively and consciously feel through your emotions. This is a passive activity, as you are either sitting or laying down and feeling through your emotional realms.


The Five Emotions

We have five emotions, these are; Love, Grief, Envy, Anger and Fear. When we repress Love, it becomes Possessiveness. When we repress Grief, it becomes Depression. When we repress Envy, it becomes Jealousy. When we repress Anger, it becomes Rage. When we repress Fear, it becomes Panic.


Express, Don't Repress

You may, even now, be able to get in touch with what emotional state you are in, and the practice is to feel through the emotional state, to give it expression, rather than to keep it repressed.

Facing your deeply repressed emotions is something that can bring great healing, and it seems that once you have released a certain amount of emotion, your mind will integrate rather quickly after the emotion is released.

Congratulations on taking the fifth step on your journey to healing with oneness. You will find that sitting down and feeling through your emotions daily will help you to move further towards wholeness. Although it may be challenging, it is incredibly healing, and the benefits are profound.



The Pathway To Understanding


Hidden Addictions

Having an addiction can be a very challenging thing to contend with. I’ve been through a number of addictions personally, and these can show up as addictions to illicit, or legal substances, and also to other aspects of life such as relationships and people.

An addiction is something that you cannot be happy without. You constantly need a “fix,” or a “hit” of this thing to be happy. Addictions are based in need.



Predominantly, substances are the way we can self-soothe, we can try to put a patch on our wounds. Though there comes a time when you want to be free of your addictions, and there are avenues and pathways to being free of addiction; there are ways you can make it easier for yourself too.

You can join a group. Even admitting to yourself that you need help can be the first step to reaching out and finding a path to healing and sobriety.


Committed to Quality

I have created a process by which one can help themselves through the withdrawals of addiction, and to be able to be free of the addiction and this is something I have written about in my book.


Addictions are something that can be very challenging to let go of, and in conjunction with the other practices that I teach they are also actually something we move forward from.


Living Without Addiction

You can let go of the addictions you have, and be happy in the freedom of living without what you are addicted to. And it takes time, and effort, though what it means to be free of an addiction, or at the very most the inner need to have that thing in your life, is something that can help to propel you into the life you want to live.


A New Day

Moving beyond your addictions takes work, and the practices you put in place when you remove an addiction are vitally important.

It is ideal to have a group of supporters that are helping you to move beyond your addictions; it is no use surrounding yourself with people who are still using, you will want to be around people who are clean and free of substance addiction.


Living Free Of The Past

Moving forward into a new way of life is something that we can measure with observation of the present and of your goals for the future. Give yourself time to put down each addiction you have, maybe one at a time. Being free of your addictions will have you feeling better, and leading a greater life.

Congratulations on taking the sixth step on your journey to healing with oneness. Facing all that is within you that has you addicted to a substance can be a great and courageous movement, and it is important to have a process that will help guide us towards the future; free of addictions. Be strong, and you will be able to move on. There are so many great aspects of life that will come in to replace the addiction you are letting go of.



What Is Your Personal Role In Life?



We have many personal roles and rules that define us. It is that we are defined by these personal attachments that we must consider the practice to do with this process. We can have what are deemed many “personalities” that inhabit our psyche. In ancient Toltec tradition these are called ‘masks.’ And as Osho has said, “All personality as such is mask.”


Who Are You?

These masks can look like “father,” “son,” “mother,” “daughter,” “gymnast,” “musician,” “cyclist,” or maybe they may be more negative, such as “alcoholic,” “loser,” “schizophrenic.”

It is when we think we are these personal roles that we get caught up in the drama of life. Being able to observe these personal roles, we give ourselves some breathing room, and some space in our psyche.


Our True Self

When we bring our awareness to our masks that we are role-playing in our life, we can then release them, and come back to our True Self.


Bringing in our awareness to these roles, and masks that we use to play with in our life will have the attachement to them be released, and we can become more mentally free.


The Difference Between Attachment and Desire

There is certainly also a difference to our understanding of desires and our attachments. It’s the attachment to the desire which causes suffering, not the desire itself. Desire is the beginning of all creation; all creative effort begins with desire. Desire creates forward momentum in life. Masks; personal attachments to our identity is what we are wanting to shift here.


Discover Your Real Attachments

Simply observing yourself and what you can understand as your personal roles will have you starting to be free of them.

Go within, and look to see where you have an attachment to a personal role. This will help you to become more present.

Congratulations on taking the seventh step on your journey to healing with oneness. When you can step back and see yourself from a different perspective, you will be able to access a deeper and more present part of who you are. You will be more free of your attachments, and will be able to move through your life with that part of who you are that is beyond personal attachments and personal roles.

Several Open Books


What Is Your Truth?


Read and Research

Getting closer to what is true for you in your life can be of great benefit to your psychological health.

We can seek to do some reading and research, and find what most resonates with our innermost truth.


Make it a goal to read a book a month.


Searching For Resonance In Beliefs

You will not only find information online, but you can also go to a bookstore and find something there too.

There are so many great books, and looking to find what you feel is most true for you means letting go of beliefs, and incorporating new beliefs that help you to function in your daily life.


What Resonates With You?

You can tell what is most true for you because you will feel a feeling of joy, and love when you are reading it; you will be able to resonate with the beliefs that make you happy inside.

Remember to notice that when you feel happy inside when you read or hear something, that is a great indicator that you are reading something that is true for you.

Congratulations on taking the eighth step on your journey to healing with oneness. Consider researching your beliefs, and do not be afraid to let go of something old for something new. Going within and seeing what you believe can be a courageous act, and moving towards what is true for you can help you to be more wise in what you believe in.

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The Lens We Look Through


Positive Self-Talk

Giving yourself positive self-talk is paramount to being successful. Become aware of how you talk to yourself during the day, you may find that there are changes you can make to maintaining positive self-talk.


Befriending Yourself

Being your own best friend is the most endearing thing you can do for yourself.


Be your own best friend!

You will find that this is a highly important aspect of being mentally well.


Observe, Don't Judge

Being able to observe your life, and the people in it, and yourself is a much more productive quality than judging these things.

Observe yourself in the moment, and observe the people, and experiences you are having in your life. This will help you to create more space in your mind.

Congratulations on taking the ninth step on your journey to healing with oneness. If you can find the benefits of doing these mental practices, you will be able to see a change in your psyche; the way you see the world will change.
There will be a spaciousness in your mind, and your perception will eventually change, as you create that spaciousness in the mind; from perspectives to perception, you will see the change.

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