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Community is your greatest strength. It is through your community that you will find everything you need to heal and move forward. It is so important to have a community of people who are healthy, and who are helping you.

The nature of your community is vitally important to go through the healing process and to begin fulfilling your dreams. If you are in a community that has good communication, the people are willing to support you with your needs to live and thrive, and that you have people who are willing to help you through your challenges, then you are in a perfect position to go through the healing process.

Without a supportive community you will not be able to go deep into healing and fulfillment of purpose. If you don’t currently have a supportive, healthy community around you, you can start by creating one.

Creating a community can begin by making a list of people who you trust, who can be in a place of support, and who will be there constantly to help you. Then you can begin by getting in touch with this list of people and telling them about your position; where you find yourself, and what you can do to get them to be in a position to help you with your needs.

Community can fulfill your needs. You can get help with counseling, therapy, financial support, transport, friendship, family, food, keeping your house clean, and many other aspects that people need help with who have a mental illness.

Looking at the position of the shaman in ancient tribal cultures, we can see that the greater community of the tribe would take care of these people in terms of food, shelter, community, and caring for their needs so they could help support the tribe with their unique gifts. This can help you get a glimpse of how you can support people while they are supporting you. Of course I do not mean being lazy and not attending to your daily chores to help you survive, but letting people around you support you so you can support them with your unique abilities.

Especially if you are going through the necessary healing of what you have been through in the past, you will find that your community is what will help you get there. There is nothing more important than having a healthy community in your healing. The community serves to give you people you trust to bring you that which you need to not only survive, but to thrive.

The greatest strength you will find is within having a strong community around you. The people and places you have in your life will help you more than anything to be mentally healthy. Go about making that list of people you trust to create a community around you, and if you have a strong, healthy community around you, be mindful of that, and see how you can deepen and strengthen those connection with the people in your life.

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