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Mindfulness is being attentive to the moment and what presents itself.

It is being present, and acutely aware of all the details of the moment. Being open to all that is happening for you, and meeting that occurrence with inquisitiveness and curiosity, It is a state of being that is produced from a state of mind. It is awareness of who you are, and what is happening for you in each and every moment in life.

To attain a state of presence, and to become mindful, you must practice. You must be able to first find that place of mindfulness, and then you must stay in that state as a meditative practice.

Mindfulness is momentary meditation.

It is seeking to be with the moment as it is, and it is being with yourself in the moment, as you are. Mindfulness is also being with others in the moment, that is, being present to others and remaining in that attentive and curious space.

The best way to attain mindfulness is to go within. And then, to come from within as you go about your day. Mindfulness will bring you to the moment, and as you attend to each moment, you will be in a state of experiencing reality from within yourself. That is why coming from within is important, so you don’t go out and lose yourself in the world. Mindfulness heals the division between what is happening within, and what is happening without. It connects yourself to the present moment. It takes all that is happening within you, and all that is happening without you, and brings it into a state of connection, where you are both aware of your inner and outer worlds.

Mindfulness is something to be mindful of! Sometimes you may get caught up in your day, and you will lose that state of awareness, so the best thing you can do in this situation is to place a reminder for yourself where you will see it. It is best to have a bracelet, or a ring, or maybe a necklace that brings you back to mindfulness. As you will have this on you most of the time, if you choose to do this practice, then it will be something that will always be with you as you go about your day. This reminder will help you to remember to be present, to be mindful.

As you go about your day, bring your attention back to this object that you have placed on you, and then use this object to bring you to that state of mindfulness. And you do this by taking a moment, and then choosing to be in a state of mindfulness. Give yourself a moment to prepare, and then go back into being mindful of the moment. You can do this whenever you become aware of the object you have placed on yourself. It will create a positive feedback loop where you will begin to be able to practice mindfulness more consistently.

The more you practice mindfulness, the more you will enter into a state of permanence in your awareness that will gradually become a state of constant presence. This process may take some time for you, to begin to become aware of all that is happening for you, and all that is happening in your world, though if you keep at it you will start to be in a meditative space most of the time. This will cause you to become aware of what is there within you. This will mean that you will have to start exploring yourself within. Mindfulness is looking at the moment, and seeing what is there, and then, being attentive to that. This will begin the exploration of who you are within. As you become aware of that which is within you, you will have the choice to let it go, and as you do this, you will then be moving towards more presence and mindfulness. It is all circular!

This is where the work begins! This is where you will start to explore who you are with curiosity, and you will see yourself in each moment, and by simply being mindful of that which you are being in each moment, you can have fun exploring both yourself, and the present moment itself.

You can begin this practice whenever you want, and you may want to go out and buy a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace, or something that you keep on your like a crystal you can put in your pocket. And then, as you go about your day, bring yourself to this mindful state of awareness. Practice being present to the moment, and being with yourself.

This practice will help you to become more present to yourself, and to life itself.

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