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Creating Community

In creating our community, we will want to surround ourselves with positive and rewarding relationships.

Looking for groups of people with similar interest to your own can be an endeavour that can help you to become more integrated into a community.

I like to think of the people in my life as my community. Even if they do not all know each other personally.

If you have a group of people that are helping you to accomplish your dreams, and you have friends and family surrounding you, you are already in a community.

You can further bridge the community circle by introducing all the people in your life that you know and get along with, to each other.

This creates community.

It can be a great idea to hold a gathering where all these people can meet each other. And remember, you do not need to have a “party” for this to happen, though maybe you would like to have a barbecue, or go to a park or near the beach and hold a place where you can honour yourself and those in your social circle by celebrating the creation of community.

Community can be seen as our “common unity.” It is where we gather in unity over a single idea, or a certain space.

Creating more community in your life can help you to integrate yourself into having a group of people that have a shared interest, and if these people are positive and rewarding to be with, if they are supportive and treasure the value of social interaction and celebrating life in positive and life-affirming ways, then you will be able to have people in your life that will help you move forward.

Give yourself the gift of community, by creating that for yourself.

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