• Adam

Getting Good Sleep

There is a great amount of research that has been done on sleep. And getting a good night’s sleep is highly important for a number of reasons.

1. We have a biological clock that runs on circadian rhythms.

2. Being in alignment with these rhythms impacts how you function in body and mind.

3. Good sleep affects your psychological health.

4. The physical and mental repair that we get when we go to sleep ‘on time’ helps us to function more effectively in our lives.

5. Sleep is for the soul.

These circadian rhythms have moments of peaking and also of relaxing. If you can understand that there are times in each day and night where you can utilise the movement of the planets, especially the sun and moon, and how they relate to the Earth, you can then properly plan your activities to be in alignment with these times of day and night.

It is best to get to bed by 10pm in the evening, and to ideally be asleep by 10:30pm.