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In being honest, we align with our truth. This means that honesty will bring you closer to the truth, which creates joy and love. Truth, love and joy are interchangeable concepts, or experiences. One always leads to the other.

It is with honesty that we can connect with the truth, as it is. Applying honesty with your relationship with yourself, or with others, can be a grand step towards expressing your truth, and living it.

An expression of truth is an expression of your deepest innermost joy. It is that which aligns with what love is. Hiding your truth is something that will move you away from your deepest innermost love and joy.

Being honest requires strength, and courage, and creates resilience and integrity. I believe that honesty is one of the key aspects of our lives that are one of the most important things we can undertake as an expression of who we are.

Dishonesty takes us away from our joy, and leads us away from our deepest innermost love. Any time you are being dishonest, you will feel less joy and love in your life because you are moving away from your truth. Lying and deceit are simply ways to mask the truth, which will always come out eventually.

The truth will follow you wherever you go, so being honest is a great first step towards experiencing joy and love.

There is nothing you have to hide, especially from yourself. If you are hiding things from yourself you are going to start hiding them from others.

i believe that truth is love, and this will bring you to your joy. They are one in the same, see?

We have, for a long time in human history, adhered to a secret code of not telling the truth, and not even talking about that as an aspect of something we are doing! It is the secret code not to talk about the secret code!

This is one of the main reasons we have moved away form our deepest innermost joy and love.

I believe that honesty is what clears this all up, and brings us back to our deepest innermost joy and love.

In this, we can live free.

Being honest is a personal decision. Not to hide anything from others, and to be courageous enough to take those steps in all and any situations, to be honest and to align with truth.

They say that the truth shall set you free, and when you are sharing your innermost truth, you are free, because you are feeling the joy and the love that is within you.

Taking that first step can begin with only yourself. If you are being honest, be honest with yourself first. That will take care of the next step, which is being honest with others.

I am reminded of the Five Levels of Truth Telling in Conversations with God Book 2, written by Neale Donald Walsch. These five steps can lead you towards the truth, they are:

  1. Tell the truth to yourself about yourself

  2. Tell the truth to yourself about another.

  3. Tell the truth about yourself to another

  4. Tell the truth about another to that other.

  5. Tell the truth to everyone about everything.

These five steps can lead you towards honesty. They are a path to take. If you are choosing to be honest, then these five steps can help you to get there.

Notice the nuances in each step. Within each step you can see how to tell the truth, and who to.

This path will set you free.

We must move toward honesty if we are to live our greatest joy and love. If we are being honest with ourselves, then we can move on to others in our lives. That is why we have these steps, so we can move through the process one step at a time.

Honesty is clarifying, it is sobering. It brings you to the light.

Start with yourself. And begin that process as much as you can. If you have made the choice to be honest, it is best to begin with you. As with many other things, it can be a life choice to be honest, just like making the choice to eat healthy, or to exercise daily. Honesty is a form of exercise, it exercises the spirit!

Choosing honesty will be something you will have to exercise daily. Notice that when you are being honest, it will feel good. It will feel freeing, and it will feel a lot less burdensome than dishonesty. This can be a good motivation to be honest. Because it leads you to joy and love, it leads you to your truth! And when you are expressing your truth in the world, you will bring that joy and love to your interactions with people, and this shall set you free.

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