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Nurturing the Mind

If we have been through trauma or mental illness, it is important for us to heal our mind. We are a three part being, consisting of body, mind, and spirit. The mind is a vitally important part of who we are.

Taking time to nurture the mind can be an important step in our healing. And doing things that nurture the mind can be something that will help us to heal.

We have many things we can do to nurture our mind, and we must make sure we are giving the mind the proper input of information, and also of therapeutic approach.

Before we begin nurturing the mind, we must make sure we are feeding the mind with positive information. Staying away from anything that upsets your mind is a good first step to nurturing it. This includes keeping away from video games, media, websites, and TV and film that are not healthy or conducive to a state of positivity and relaxation. Feeding the mind with things that are only good, positive, and life affirming is the way to go here.

Nurturing the mind is being mindful of what you are feeding it each day.

To bring therapy to the mind, and to help it to become strong and healthy, we can do things like reading a good book, or painting and drawing, or playing music and dance, or we can do a puzzle, or sudoku, or colouring in. We really want to bring in practices that help us to ease our mental state, not giving us too much to think about but to be able to focus on something that makes our mind feel easy and relaxed.

We will want to induce a state of ease and relaxation, and we will want to feel that there is a healing or therapeutic aspect to what we are doing. You will be able to notice when you are in this state, as you will feel peaceful and calm, but also focused and creative.

Another great way to nurture the mind is to meditate.

This is something we can do each day that brings in that nurturing and healing to the mind.

Sitting still and being aware of your breath with your eyes closed for 20 minutes a day can rejuvenate and renew the mind, and also expand it in a natural way. Being present, and being mindful, and maintaining a focus while being in a relaxed state can give the mind that time to help it to ease up and can allow you more peace and calm in your day to day activities.

With an ease and calm, peace and focus, relaxation and mindfulness, your mind will be able to handle all the other things you are doing with your life, it will support you in maintaining equilibrium and will help you to manage everything you do each day.

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