• Adam

Self Worth and Loving Yourself

Self worth is in the word; you determine your own worth, based on how you view yourself.

Do you love yourself?

Include yourself amongst those you love. It can be hard to love yourself when you’ve been told by others that you are less than worthy. Though it is not up to other people to determine your self worth, it is up to you.

This means that you can give yourself as much love as you want!

It can be something you will have to work through too. Befriending yourself can be a sure step in the right direction. Being your own best friend, being your own brother, being your own sister, being your own ally, these are things that will help you to be on your own side, and these are things that will help you to love yourself.

You are more than worthy of your own love!

You determine how you view yourself. You may have to forgive yourself, if you feel that is needed then do that. You can even do things for yourself that show you how much you love yourself. You can go on an outing with yourself, go for a long walk, go to the beach for a swim, go to a restaurant; become more intimate with who you are, and fall in love with yourself.