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Shared Community

There are ways to be in a space of shared community with people, whether it is family, friends, or a group you go to regularly to meet up with people.

I’ve found that when there is a shared focus, that a community will take care of itself.

This means not just meeting up with people and talking, but going out to a park or a cafe, or doing things like puzzles and boardgames, or watching a movie at home.

There are many things you can do with the people in your life rather than just being in the same space together. Sometimes we think that meeting up with people means just being in the same space, though doing something creative together can really help the people in your community to be able to explore a different way of relating.

There are also other options, such as going to courses that are on in your local area. You can try arts and crafts, or painting and drawing, or go to a music group. All these things help you to form new connections, meet new people, and to enjoy and explore relating in a group environment.

Try and think of ways you can create shared community with the people in your life. This may be making a list of things you can do with your friends, your family, or going to a group or doing a course, and remember to always make it something you enjoy doing, or something that you want to explore.

If it’s spending time together with friends and family, maybe you can choose places to go, such as the beach, or to a nature reserve, or taking your dog for a walk together. Or you can do fun things like playing boardgames and doing puzzles; anything that you can share an experience with someone you know that creates that space for shared community to flourish.

If you want to go out and explore doing groups and courses, you can look online for groups and courses in your local area, or try to find groups where you can meet up with people.

There are many ways to explore and create shared community, all you need to do is look and think of what you would like to do!

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