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Thought Patterns

We are always thinking, unless we’re not. Most people are thinking most of the time, there are some of us who can turn off the mind and go into a meditative state, though most people are thinking all the time. That’s fine, thinking is a natural process and a vital part of being human.

What we want to watch out for are our patterns of thinking. We can be in a very positive manner of thinking, or we can be in a negative one. The choice here is to bring your thoughts to what you want to create with your life.

Your thoughts soon turn into words, and then actions, so thinking is a very important part of the creative process.

To start thinking positive, you will have to start with one thought at a time, and continue on with those types of thoughts, and then, when you notice you have started thinking about something you don’t want to, to bring it back to what you want to think about.

Training the mind to think positive thoughts will have to be something you do for at least three weeks until you see your mind start to naturally think in a positive way.

Though each time you start thinking positive, the more your mind will move in that direction.

Start small, take small steps towards your goal of thinking positive, and keep moving in that direction each time you notice yourself in thoughts you don’t want.

You can quite easily, over an amount of time, train your mind to think about what you actually do want to think about. The mind is like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets, and mental exercise can come from thinking positive, or giving it the space to think positive. This means we can do things that help us to think positive and to strengthen the mind as well. These include meditation, doing puzzles or practices which are logical such as sudoku or boardgames, or playing an instrument, or even going for a walk, or reading a book. Introducing new activities into our weeks and months can also help to strengthen the mind.

All these things help the mind to open up and give it flow and space to breathe. So a part of thinking positive is to help the mind to ease up and relax, then to stay committed to moving towards and staying with thoughts you want to think.

If you notice your mind wandering into thoughts you don’t want, let them go. Simply let them pass, and return to thinking about what you truly want.

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