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Why The Chakras Are Important for Health

The charkas are our in-body energy system. They govern every area of our lives.

We have seven chakras, and the chakras have been documented and studied, and there is a lot of information out there on how to bring them into balance and alignment and to be able to be healthy within yourself and within your life.

The chakras not only govern our physical and mental health, but also our emotional and psychological health, our relationships, sexuality, connection with others and with God, the way we communicate and our power and voice, the connection to the Earth and to our body and mind, and many other aspects of our lives.

Because each chakra governs a specific area of our lives, when we are able to bring all of them into balance, we are then able to create health and vitality within ourselves, and within our world too.

As we look at what will help us to heal ourselves on a deeper level, we can look to the chakras to be able to create that deep inner healing that we want to help ourselves be healthy.

Doing chakra meditations can be of great benefit to not only to your energy levels, but also how you relate to the world and yourself, and also how you function within the world. Doing chakra based meditations, and there are many out there, will be giving you a deep healing practice that can support you for the rest of your life.

Basically, what the chakra meditations do is to help you move the energy of your chakras.

Each chakra in your being spins at a certain vibratory level. The level and oscillation at which they spin is based around how healthy you are. If your chakras are healthy, they will be spinning at a certain oscillation. If your chakras are in an unhealthy state, they will be spinning slower than usual, and that will represent itself in your life. Just as if they are spinning slowly, they will also represent health and vitality if they are spinning at a natural pace.

When you focus on the chakras, they increase in vibration, meaning that they will begin to move faster, thus clearing themselves of anything that is holding you back health-wise.

This process of focusing on the chakras and helping them to move will move out anything that is holding them in a slow oscillation. This is where the work comes in. This is where you will be moving out energy that is not healthy for you, and you will be facing those parts of yourself that will require you to release them, so you can be healthy.

Doing this focus based meditation is the easiest way to heal the chakra system. It is the simplest way, too. There are other meditations you can do, and there are many out there, all you need to do is search for them, though the process is the same, the practice is the same, it is moving the energy of the chakras so you can have them spin at a higher vibration.

Simply laying down, or sitting down, and focusing on one charka at a time,, feeling through the chakra and focusing on it with enough attention to feel it ‘spin’, will be the process here.

It can take a long time to get the chakras to a healthy state, although this type of focused based meditation is quite a quick healing, and you will want to be in this practice for at least a few weeks to a few months, just to get you started and to be able to get the the goal of having a healthy chakra system.

You can do this meditation practice over longer periods of time as well, focusing on one chakra each day, or one chakra each month, or even focusing on one chakra a year for several years. It all depends about how deep you want to go into the healing and balancing of your chakra system.

Working over time will give you the best results, though you can begin this meditation practice within smaller amounts of time, such as giving yourself 10-20 minutes to begin with, and see how you go with the process of the practice.

Going towards the end goal, or the end result you want is mainly going to be up to you as to how much you want to do this particular type of work. Though starting in smaller increments and then moving into longer time spans of meditation is the best way to go here, just so you know how you relate to the practice and how it will work for you moving forward.

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